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  • We mark property corners and lines for fencing.

  • We can provide boundary surveys with plats.

  • We handle construction staking for house lots, commercial shopping centers, and residential neighborhoods and everything in between.

  • We also provide topographical surveys for construction development.

  • We can produce ALTA/NSPS surveys. These are national standards that are usually reserved for large commercial tracts, shopping centers, and apartment complexes.

  • We perform as-built surveys for residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

  • These are just a few of the services we can provide, just give us a call and let’s talk about your project and see how we can help serve you. Let us give you a free line item estimate. Our estimates are clearly written and explains everything that will be addressed and everything that can be expected, from our clients and Straight Line Surveying. This way there is no confusion on what is to be done.


For Home owners we can provide corner location, and line staking for fencing. We can also produce plats showing locations of all improvements, ie: house, drives, walkway, decks, patios, and porches. With these plats homeowners can start home improvement projects like pools, new driveways, sidewalks, even home remodeling and expansions. We can also mark lines for the neighbor who just doesn’t seem to know where his property stops, and can avoid a dispute between neighbors.


We can provide corner location and line staking also to see where to build new fencing. We can also provide plats for property divisions, and combinations. With buying property next door to have it combined to another tract, to dividing out a small tract for the kids to build a house. We can also help with estate planning when there is land to be divided, or combined, between family members. With this type of survey there are many county and/or city regulations that have to be met and all these types of surveys have to be submitted and approved by county and/or city officials. With that said not all lands may be divided, because of county or city regulations.

When you have that client that really wants to know where the boundaries are to the property, don’t guess, call us and let us tell them, don’t let the deal go south over a survey. In the end of the day the survey is usually the cheapest part of the deal. If there hasn’t been a survey on the property in 20 or 30 years, get a new one. The technology and the accuracy now is far better than years ago. Protect your

client also if they are purchasing land by the acre. Creeks move over time, lines are measured differently, total number of acres change with these shifts in lines and creeks. What someone may think is one thing might actually turn out to be something else after getting a new survey. Also, don’t go by a legal description that is not perfectly clear with bearings and distances. For the advances in technology and accuracy now days there is no reason a legal description performed in the last 10 years should read bounded by Smith on the North and Jones on the East, the creek on the South, and the Road on the West.

We work well with many engineers and architects in the area. We provide them with all the needed topographical, and as-built information needed for complete design services. After the design and approval phase of the project comes the construction staking. Here again with a great working relationship with the designers we are given all the latest information and files seamlessly. We also take extreme care with our construction layout, every stake that goes in the ground is re-stored and brought back to the office downloaded to the CADD file and double checked for accuracy. So, if there ever is a mistake it’s found that day not several days later when the contractor is on the job questioning the stakes. Also with storing every stake that goes in the ground it is a protection for the developer in the way that when there is a problem it is easier to find who or what is the problem. It helps to keep the contractor honest, because what developer hasn’t heard the story of “we’re not wrong, we put it in by the surveyors stakes”.


We can provide you with the latest and most accurate TOPO INFORMATION, as well as as-built conditions. We all know that how things are put on paper are not how they always end up. Let us verify that for you and get you off with the most accurate information possible. After your design, we can go in and provide the layout for your clients with the utmost accuracy and control with your input in every step of the project. Also, if there is ever a problem we will work with you in every possible way to come up with the best solution for the client. We will not leave you high and dry to try and figure out a problem on your own, at this point we are partners in the project and we are all working for a common goal.

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